草津温泉 / Kusatsu hot spring


My son and his wife came from Singapore and spent the weekend at Kusatsu Onsen. The other day, I tried using Daitokan near Yubatake with my wife this time we stayed this place again with Kurumi. My son and his wife were pleased with the good access to Yubatake. Fortunately, it seemed to have escaped from the influence of Typhoon No. 15 that passed through the Kanto region, so it was a little rainy but I could enjoy the trip without much trouble. We are grateful that we can visit Karuizawa and have a good time together also.

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歯医者、眼医者、クリニック / Dentist, Ophthalmologist, Clinic


I work three days a week, but I worked almost every day last couple of weeks. It’s been an off day today, but I started to read emails for business after breakfast. After checking the schedule for rest of this week, it was 10am when I saw the clock. Don’t immerse in work, turn off my computer and check today’s schedule, booked a haircut at Noon, ophthalmologist at 3:30pm, only 2 were in my calendar. I planned to go to the clinic for getting the medicine and visit the dentist where I have not been there for a while. The dentist has to make a reservation, but I was lucky enough to get an 11 o’clock slot. I hadn’t been there for more than 2 years, but I had my tartar removed and confirmed that there were no bad points. Went to the barber shop and slept, had a lunch and relaxed. I have been examined regularly after suffering from retinal detachment 10 years ago. There was no abnormality this time, but I had a prescription for eye drops because of dry eye symptoms. The clinic also prescribed a drug for reflux esophagitis. There are some bad places because I am this age. But I can confirm that my teeth and eyes are okay. Appreciated such my teeth and eyes today.

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蝉と鈴虫 / Cicadas and crickets


Cicadas shrill so loudly these days. Many cicadas are boring from my garden this year. Now the hot summer is going to over. Crickets are came from our friend they are becoming big but not yet make sound. Hope I will be doing good this year to make the baby next year.

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失敗 / Scratch


I scratched my car at the day with heavy rain. I drove very carefully but the deep pint I took was the time the edge of something hit my car. The tire wheels were safe no scratch fortunately. Well due to my age? Anyway. Repair shop fixed it for me in a few days.

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U Tern / Trafics in Singapore


In Singapore, there is a center line separation so does not make the right tern except the intersection. Thus there are points make U-tern at the major roads. This U-tern lane gets a lot of cars in the morning and evening such rushing hour. It is required to make a U-team smoothly in this country.

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84 歳での旅立ち / Leave on 84th

昨夜 10 時過ぎ義母は 84 歳の生涯を終え義父が待つ天国へ旅立っていきました。最後は娘たちと家族に見送られて静かに静かに息を引き取りました。医師の診断書には「老衰」の文字が。みんなと一緒に旅立った義母は幸せでした。晩年は介護施設の方々のお世話になり、私たちは楽をさせていただいたのですが、施設の中で一番、訪れてきた人たちだと言われて、少し慰められたものです。

Mother in law passed away last night she was 84 years this year. We are sure Father in law is now meeting with her in the heaven. The medical doctor wrote in the column “Senility” as the reason. Such a quiet finish with all of us 2 her daughters and family.

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猛暑 / Intense Heat

今週、台風 10 号が西日本を縦断し日本海に抜けていきました。大型の台風、風雨が強く大きな被害をもたらしました。そしてまた暑い日が戻ってきました。私が住む地域では 38 ℃に上がると予報が出ています。大雨の後、湿度も高く不快指数が高い週末となります。

After typhoon No.10 had running through in the western side of Japan this week the weather turned to very very hot and humid due to the wind from the south. Kanto area had highest temperature in Japan today. Hope this hot situation goes away soon.

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二人目の魔女さん / 2nd Witch to home

6 年も前になってしまいますが、一人の魔女がウチに来ました。そして今回、妻が二人目を連れて帰ってきました。今度の魔女さんは立って経典を持っています。生まれは横浜、飯島都陽子さんの「グリーンサム」という魔女とハーブのお店です。元町にあるお店は難度もテレビで紹介されているので多くの方が訪れています。さて、三人目はいつ来ることでしょうか、それとも既に我が家には最初から魔女さんが居るのかもしれませんね。

It was already 6 years ago the first witch came to my home. Wife brought the 2nd one this time from the “Green Thumb” in Yokohama Motomachi where the shop has been introducing by TV program so many visitors were there. The story said a house needs 3 witches so when the last one will be come to my home? Or there has been one more close to me long time. Never knows.

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74 年前 / 74 years ago

74年前の今日 8 月 6 日、日本の広島に原爆が投下されました。記念資料館ではその記録を伝え続けてきています。二度と世界で同じことが起きてはいけません。非核化が騒がれていますが中国や米国はその戦いの場を宇宙にも広げようとしています。「宇宙軍」が結成されるとか聞きました。どうして戦わなければいけないのか、疑問を持ちます。その一方で企業戦士ではありませんが、商売の中で戦っている人々を多く見ます。複雑な思いをもった今日でした。広島にはこのことを伝え続ける資料館があります。世界に一つだけの資料館です、これ以上同じことをしてはいけません。

It was already 74 years ago Japan Hiroshima got the nuclear bomb and a lots of people lost their life. There is a memorial hall where we are able to see the reality what happened. We shall never have the same disaster again in this globe. We know the denuclearization have been talking in this globe but now China and USA are planning to have the space army that is concerned us a lot. Why people fight each other like we hardly work in our business. I had a some confusions today as the 74th from that day. Hiroshima in Japan has this memorial place we shall not have the same place where-never in this earth.

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54 周年 / 54th anniversary

1965 年 8 月 9 日、シンガポールはマレーシアから独立、今年で 54 年を迎えます。街はこのイベントを前にそこかしこで飾り付けが行われています。ホテルの部屋の外には国旗が飾られています。SINGA はライオンのことを意味して、マスコットが可愛らしく街中に溢れています。金曜から月曜まで少し長い週末を前に国民のみなさんは建国の日を祝っています。

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