東京デズニーランド / TDL


We spent time at Tokyo Disneyland as the last memory of this time with my son and his wife. Fortunately we enjoyed the weather well. Christmas decorations are beautiful and crowded with many people. Someone said that when I came here I could see a lot of smiles. When chased by work, it tends to be frowning. Sometimes it reminds me of the importance of refreshing in these nice places. We were able to return to our childhood for a while.

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旅の想い出 / Memories of travel


I have been traveling with my son and his wife who have been in Japan since last week. Karuizawa, where is getting cold, will be fresh for them live in hot countries Singapore. Last night we enjoyed watching the illuminations of the highland church. It was very touching to see candles scattered throughout the site and the trees shining with light. During this morning’s meal, We talked about our past memories. We will welcome them to stay for another week.

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同期会 / Reunion

前回は同じ学校を卒業した仲間の集まりでしたが、今回は同じ会社に入った仲間の集まりでした。1975 年に全国の高専を卒業して入社した私たちは 10 人でした。当時、85 人という大勢の新卒者が入社、そのうち高専を卒業した私たちは全員が同じ会社あるいは系列会社を勤め上げてきました。途中、残念ながら 1 名は山で命を落としました。今でも彼の冥福を祈っています。44 年の間、社会の荒波に揉まれ、一生懸命に会社と共に成長を続けてきた我々はすっかり歳をとりそれなりに良い顔をもつことができました。来年の幹事をうけることになり、2020 年は 45 年の節目、良い企画ができればと今から楽しみです。みんなの健康と幸せを願っています。

Last time it was a group of friends who graduated from the same school, but this time it was a group of friends who joined the same company. There were 10 of us who graduated from technical colleges across Japan in 1975. At that time, a large number of 85 new graduates joined the company, and all of them who graduated from technical colleges have worked for the same company or affiliate long years. On the way, unfortunately, one person died in the mountains. I still pray for his happiness. For 44 years, we have been engulfed in the storm of society and have been working hard together with the company. I ’m looking forward to the next year ’s secretary, and I ’m looking forward to 2020 with a 45 year milestone and a good plan. I hope everyone’s health and happiness.

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タブレットサポート / Support Tablet

ご近所の T 様からの依頼でタブレットのサポートをしました。機種選定とその購入から初期設定と操作説明を終えました。機種は iPad を希望されていたので 12.9 インチ 256GB のものとしました。専用のカバーと組み合わせています。これまでパソコンをお使いでしたが、リビングのテーブルでも気楽に楽しまれたいとのこと。大きな画面と綺麗な色が気に入ったようです。早速インターネットから情報を検索するなど、楽しまれていました。iPad Pro は顔認証が入り、充電ケーブルが USB-C になるなど使い勝手もよくなっています。

I supported the tablet by the request from T-san in the neighborhood. Finished initial settings and explanation of operations from model selection and purchase. The model was 12.9 inches 256GB because the iPad was desired. Combined with a special cover. T-san has been using a PC until now, but T-san wants to enjoy it easily even at a living table. T-san likes the big screen and the beautiful colors. T-san soon getting fun to search for information from the Internet. iPad Pro comes with face recognition and a USB-C charging cable, making it easy to use.

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修禅寺 / Shuzenji


I took my dog to the Shuzenji Temple when my job was done. The day of departure was sunny and warm with no wind. I went around the Gotemba outlet with Kurumi and enjoyed the autumn scenery from the bridge. At Shuzenji, I stayed at the usual inn, and stayed for two nights. It was raining the next day, but it was a relaxing weekend. At the inn, I could meet company friend and enjoy the surprising encounters.

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季節の移り変わり / Change of season

時間の経つ速さを感じています。つい先日までは暑い日が続いていましたが、季節は秋から冬に変わろうとしています。木々の葉は色を変え、風の温度が下がってきました。そんな週末、犬を連れての散歩、青空に生えるイチョウの紅葉、皇帝ダリアの花などを眺めることができました。愛犬のクルミは来月 10 歳となります。これからも一緒に季節の移り変わりを楽しみたいものです。

I feel the speed of time passing. The hot days continued until just the other day, but the season is about to change from autumn to winter. The leaves of the trees have changed color and the temperature of the wind has fallen. On such weekends, I was able to take a walk with my dog, the autumn leaves of Ginkgo growing in the blue sky, and the flowers of the Emperor Dahlia. Kurumi will be 10 years old next month. I want to enjoy the changing seasons together.

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同期会 / Reunion


We are alumni since we entered in 1970 and are good playmates. For a while, we met at an annual Mahjong trip and New Year party. One person who lives in the Tohoku region has been also participated. I’m grateful that I have friends who can talk freely. One person who reached the retirement age this year was decided going to Hokkaido then we had a send-off party around him. It seems that he was longing for a new place since he was born and living in the same place. I think the winter cold is severe, but I felt a certain longing for him to travel for new discoveries. For this reason, we may not meet at the same frequency as before. I would like to think about going to Hokkaido together. In commemoration from him he made a stuffed toy like a professional, we had a gift.

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シンガポール出張 / Trip to Singapore

今年 10 度目のシンガポール出張となりました。成田を夕方に出てシンガポールに深夜到着、その翌日から仕事をします。帰りは最終日の深夜便でシンガポールを発ち、朝 9 時前に成田。その日はお休みをいただきますが、時には自宅で仕事をする日もありました。先日同期で集まる会がありましたが、「いつまでも忙しい様子だね」と言われました。退職したものの、このような仕事を任されていることに感謝しています。

This is my 10th business trip to Singapore this year. I leave Narita in the evening and arrive in Singapore late at night. I work from the next day. On the way back, I left Singapore on the last working day midnight flight and arrived at Narita before 9 am. I had a day off, but sometimes I had to work from home. The other day there was a gathering in sync, but I was told, “It looks like you ’re busy forever.” I am grateful that I have retired but have been assigned this kind of work.

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結婚 44 周年 / 44th Anniversary

今月の結婚記念日もお気に入りのレストランで夕食をいただくことができました。1975 年に結婚して以来 44 年になりました。振り返ると多くのことがありました。山あり谷あり、これまでの道のりを共に歩むことができて感謝しています。50 周年記念旅行はハワイにしたいと話しています。二人だけの金婚式を企画しましょう。

We were able to have dinner at our favorite restaurant on this month’s wedding anniversary. It has been 44 years since I got married in 1975. In retrospect, there were many things. There were mountains and valleys, and I am grateful for being able to walk along the path so far. We wants to make a 50th anniversary trip to Hawaii. Plan a wedding ceremony for just two of us.

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旅行で思う / Trip memories

今週は島根県を旅しました。出雲市の北に位置する日御碕燈台の近くの宿を拠点に動き回りました。石見銀山、出雲大社、松江に足を伸ばして熊野神社と足立美術館、のんびりと時を過ごすことができました。県内の移動にはレンタカーを使い松江までの往復は穴道湖の南北両側を試すことができました。幸いにも穏やかな天気に恵まれて、泊まった宿も良い所で旅を満喫することができました。明日の記念日で 44 年となる我々にとって、これからも健康でありたいと願うのが旅の目的でもあります。

I traveled to Shimane Prefecture this week. I moved around based on an inn near Hinomisaki located in the north of Izumo city. I went to Iwami Ginzan, Izumo Taisha Shrine and Matsue to spend time leisurely with Kumano Shrine and Adachi Museum of Art. We used a rental car for traveling within the prefecture, and the round trip to Matsue was able to test both north and south sides of Lake Shinji. Fortunately, it was blessed with mild weather, and I was able to enjoy my trip in a good place. For us, it will be 44 years on tomorrow’s anniversary, the purpose of our journey is to continue to be healthy.

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