香港にて / HK short stay

それにしても朝から暑い日でした。日本から参加した私は上着を着て行ったのですが、ほとんど手に持っていた次第です。業務の打ち合わせを終えて関係者で近くの中華料理店で昼食をとりました。まず驚いたことは食器をお湯で各自が洗うことです。レストランで出された食器を自分で湯煎する姿を見たのは初めてでした。帰りの便 NH-810 はなんと乗客が 35 名だけ!767-300 ですから 10% 程度の席しか埋まっていませんでした。おかげで CA によるサービスは満点、とても快適な空の旅となりました。

It was really hot here from early morning today. I ware my jacket from Japan but I just carry most of the time today in HK. We took a lunch after the meeting with the customer at the restaurant near the hospital. I was shocked to see the people washes dishes with hot water by themselves. I never seen this before such a customs because I just believe those dishes are clean at the restaurant, anyway. Another surprise was the cabin to Narita was only 10% full with only 35 passengers! It was a really nice serving time by those CA’s due to this easy flight back to Japan.

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香港にて / One night in HK


I am making just a short tip to HongKong for the meeting tomorrow morning and this evening. I needed to be back on Wednesday to lead the big meeting on Thursday in Japan so it is only a one night stay this time. I found out a few hours free this afternoon then took a walk at the park near the hotel. Swat a lot with this high temperature and humidity here. But it was a good walk after long journey from my home.

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八重桜 / Double cherry blossoms


We took a walk with Kurumi this morning. The double flower cherry trees are now gorgeous lots of blossoms we could see. It was nice day without any wind enjoyed sunshine. This town celebrate the 5th of May with the carp decoration that we also could enjoyed.

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テニスは楽しく / Fun to play tennis


Wife and I have started to get the tennis lecture class since last August. Wife has got a painful at her knee right after started the class but now she recovered and she decided to go 2 days in a week from next month. I am glad wife enjoys it and I also feel this is good for her to go out and communicate with others because she is doing house wife. I however feeling some painful at my elbow these days. Do not know the reason but hearing the suggestions by my coach. I could joined to the tennis club of the company yesterday. This is monthly so just once in a month but I felt good to play with others even the time was late as 7 to 9 pm.

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平日のひととき / Sweet time with wife


It has been for awhile we could not spend time on a weekday. I usually sit in my den and work using PC on a weekday. So I decided to go out with wife for shopping her spring clothes today. She was happy finding out the good one and I waited her shopping while play game and work 50/50% through my phone. We then went to the cafe enjoyed sweet and tea. I wish we have this good relationship longer till the end.

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チームワーク / One Team

シンガポールで一緒に仕事をしているチームと先月の末に行われたイベントの写真が送られてきました。この日は全員でボルダリングを楽しみました。チームの中で最年長となる私、最初は断ったのですが、全員で楽しむことが目的、着替えを用意して参加しました。午後半日を使ってのイベントで培われたチームワークはこれからの活力に繋がります。そして何よりも嬉しかったことは CEO の直筆のメッセージが添えられていたことです。今の時代、メールで写真だけ、といったことが多いのですが、彼には敬服します。

I have received the nice picture with the hand writing message from the CEO of the company where I have been communicating in Singapore. The picture was from the event we had at the visit in march we climbed the wall. I refused because the oldest one but it is the purpose does the same thing with one team so I also changed and tried. It was so hard to hold my body weight by my hand. It was a really nice memory as team building.

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咲くらのワイン / Rose wine


It is now ending time those cherri trees in this area. There are a lots of petals of cherry blossoms on the street colored just pink one color. The temperature today was increased like an early day of the summer. It was still bright outside when I left the office today, I felt dizzy starting my car back to home. We opened the bottle of wine that has a cherry blossom in it so the flower dances when pour wine to the glass. We had a happy time this evening.

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TWG tea

シンガポールでの楽しみの一つですが、紅茶と共に過ごすハイティーがあります。休みの日はブランチとして朝昼兼用の食事ができます。シンガポールで創業された TWG は高級紅茶を提供しています。訪れる度に買い揃えた缶がこんなにも集まりました。昨日、近くの手作りマーケットで棚を購入、今日、早速取り付けて紅茶の缶を並べてみました。まるでお店のような一角ができました。

“High Tea” is one of fun things in Singapore enjoy time with good tea and food.  Sometime it serves as brunch on a weekend combining breakfast and lunch.  TWG tea company was found in Singapore as the premium tea brand.  Wife likes this tea and we have been collecting flavors so now several cans are in our house.  We then decorated them to the wall mount self today.  I bought the self yesterday at the hand made things market at the park.



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ポケモン Go / Pokemon Go


I was asked my friends to install the game Pokémon Go to collect characters in overseas. They were playing the game last couple of years so they are now teaching me how to play. I then got some of those on the trip to Singapore this week. It is interesting me to know some new technology this game has.

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花冷えの頃 / Cold days in spring


It was snowing this week while I was in Singapore so I could not see it. It is always cold while cherry trees are blooming. However this week was unusually cold in this year so we are still turning on the stove still in this spring. Please take care everyone with this season temperature ups and downs.

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