モバイルバッテリー / Mobile battery

スマホの話題が続きますが、ゲームをしているとバッテリーの消費が激しく、外出先での充電が必要になることが多くなりました。そこで我々もモバイルバッテリーを購入することにしました。容量よりも持ち運びに便利なものを選んでみました。ケーブルと変換コネクタが本体に収納されているものです。サイズは iPhone とほぼ同じ幅なので一緒に持つことも可能です。2 回程度のフル充電が可能、これで安心して外でポケモンを楽しむことができるようになりました。

The topic of smartphones continues, but when playing games, battery consumption is intense, and charging at the outside has become more frequent. So we decided to purchase a mobile battery. I chose something more convenient to carry than capacity. Cable and conversion connector are housed in the main unit. The size is almost the same width as iPhone, so you can hold it together. The battery can be fully rechargeable about twice, so you can enjoy Pokémon outside with confidence.

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スマホゲーム / Smart phone game application


I got a smartphone and started playing games. Recently, the frequency of walking with Pokemon has increased. My wife and I are talking about searching for Pokemon while taking a walk or fighting in the gym. I also like puzzle games and I enjoy solving problems continuously every day. There are many twists and turns like this, but I want to protect the way I enjoy it and continue to try new things.

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秋の気配 / Autumn sign

先週末に来た台風 19 号が日本に与えた被害は甚大なものとなっています。多くの方々が亡くなり、未だに行方が分からない人も多くおられます。その報道を聞くたびに心を痛めています。台風が過ぎた後、気温が下がり、我が家では暖房の準備を始めました。この週末は薪の仕事もしようと思います。散歩がてら、近くの川へ様子を見に行きました。まだ濁流が音を立てて流れています。以前のように大人しい川に早く戻ることを祈ります。川のほとりには金木犀が香っていました。すっかり秋です。そして来週は台風 20 号が接近するとか、雨はもう沢山です。

The damage caused to Japan by Typhoon No. 19 that came last weekend has been tremendous. Many people have died, and many still have no idea where to go. Every time I hear the news, I am hurt. After the typhoon passed, the temperature dropped and my house started preparing for heating. I’m going to do my wood work this weekend. Taking a walk, I went to a nearby river to see the situation. The muddy stream is still making noise. I pray to return to the river as soon as possible. Kinmokusei was scented near the the river. It’s already in autumn here. And next week, Typhoon No. 20 will be approaching, no more rain please.

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台風一過 / Typhoon passing

ブログに投稿し始めてからこのタイトルを何度か用いてきました。昨夜の夜 9 時過ぎに私が住む地域のすぐそばを台風は通過していきました。風雨が激しく、家への影響を心配していましたが、幸いなことに被害はありませんでした。台風が行きすぎると急に静かになり、雨も止みました。今朝は晴天の青空、朝の散歩で公園に落ちている落ち葉の中にどんぐりの実をみつけました。見上げると椎の木にたくさん実っています。土砂災害、洪水の被害がテレビでは報じられています。被災地の方々が早く復興され、安全に過ごせるようになることを願って止みません。

I’ve used this title several times since I started posting on the blog. The typhoon passed right next to the area where I lived around 9pm last night. The weather was heavy and I was worried about the impact on my house, but fortunately there was no damage. When the typhoon passed, it suddenly became quiet and the rain stopped. This morning I found acorns in the clear blue sky and the fallen leaves falling in the park on a morning walk. I then looked up, saw a lot of vertebrate trees. Sediment disasters and flood damage are reported on TV. I hope that people in the affected areas will be quickly reconstructed and safe.

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台風 19 号襲来 / Scary typhoon

台風 19 号が関東地方に上陸する今日、とても恐怖を感じています。記録上これまでにない強い台風とのことで私の住む地域でも避難勧告が出されました。年々、強い台風が発生するようになりました。また、コースが東寄りになってきているのは海水温の関係と聞いています。温暖化の現れと思うと地球環境を守ることの大切さが実感されます。今夜は眠れない夜になりそうです。

The Typhoon No.19 will be landing in the Kanto region, I am very scared. An evacuation advisory was issued in the area where I lived because of a strong typhoon that has never been recorded. Year after year, strong typhoons began to occur. Also, I hear that the course is getting closer to the east because of the sea water temperature. When we think of the emergence of global warming, we realize the importance of protecting the global environment. It ’s going to be a sleepless night.

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秋の宮城へ / Miyagi in autumn


This week I went to Miyagi Prefecture for work. I have visited several times so far. From the hotel room, I can see the scenery of the rice fields and feel the seasons. Rice harvesting has already been completed, and many duck swarms were seen in the rice fields. It was a week to feel autumn.

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出雲への旅計画 / Trip Planning to Izumo


This year’s trip to the World Heritage site is to visit Iwami Ginzan in Shimane Prefecture. I would also like to stop by Izumo Taisha Shrine. I have never visited the Sanin region beside the business trip, so I’m really looking forward to it. Toward to Izumo-shi, I decided to go by the sleeping express “Sunrise Izumo”. I heard that this train is so popular that it is difficult to take a twin private room. This morning I went to the counter and was able to buy it luckily. It ’s been a while since I have traveled by train, so I ’m really looking forward to it with Iwami Ginzan and Izumo Taisha.

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フィッシング詐欺 / Fishing Scam

ご近所の M 様にパソコンの調子を質問されて見させてもらいました。IE のあるサイトをアクセスすると警告が出る現象です。幸い「更新」をクリックせずに待っていて下さいました。この画面が出ると何もできないということで困っていました。Windows Update は正常に機能していることを確認して M 様に対処法をお教えしました。この類の詐欺にかかることが無いと良いです。

My neighbor M-san asked me about the condition of her computer. This is a phenomenon where a warning is issued when a site with IE is accessed. Fortunately, pleased wait without clicking “Update”. She was in trouble because she couldn’t do anything when this screen appeared. After confirming that Windows Update is functioning properly, I told M-san how to deal with it. It is good that she will not suffer from this kind of issues in future.

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早朝散歩 / Walking in the early morning

明日は秋分の日、夜明けが徐々に遅くなってきたのを感じています。クルミが早くから目覚めるので私も起きてしまいます。しばらくクルミの世話をしてから早朝の散歩を楽しんでいます。朝 6 時前に行き交う人とは挨拶を交わしてしまいます。犬を連れている人、散歩を楽しまれているご夫婦、私はスマホを片手にポケモンを楽しみながらの散歩です。明日は台風 17 号の影響で雨かもしれません。でも傘をさして歩いてみたいと思います。

Tomorrow is the day of autumn in Japan, and I feel that sunrise time has gradually later day by day. I woke up because Kurumi woke up early. After taking care of him for a while, I enjoy an early morning walk. It is fun to exchange greetings people who meets before 6am. People with dogs, couples enjoying a walk, I am taking a walk with a smartphone in one hand and enjoying Pokemon. It may rain tomorrow due to Typhoon # 17. But I would like to walk with an umbrella.

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電気ケトル / Electrical Kettle

これまで電気ケトルを使って来なかったのですが、最近のものは温度設定ができると聞き、このモデルを購入してみました。Vitantonio という会社のものです、1 度の単位で設定が可能です。コーヒーは 93 度、緑茶は 65 度、などと試してみています。なるほど、ガスで湯を沸かして温度を感で淹れてたコーヒーとは味が違います。その温度制御の様子をリレーの音で聞いていると On Off 制御をうまくやっていて楽しくなります。また、このような会社が大手とことなる製品を作っていることは嬉しいことです。

I haven’t used an electric kettle until now, but recently I heard that it can set the temperature, so I bought this model. It is from a company called Vitantonio, which can be set in units of one degree step. Try coffee at 93 degrees, green tea at 65 degrees, and so on. Indeed, it tastes different from coffee that is boiled with gas and brewed with a sense of temperature. Listening to the temperature control with the sound of the relay makes On Off control well and makes it fun. I am also happy that these companies are making products that are different from the major companies.

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