Mac だけで自宅勤務 / Only Apple Mac to work

企業で働いているとどうしても Windows の環境に染まってしまいます。自宅では Apple Mac を使っているので、仮想的に Windows を動作させる Parallels というアプリケーションを導入して Mac OS と Windows を切り替えて業務をしています。しかし、Paralles から Windows 側のアプリケーション、特に Teams などでオンライン会議をすると電力の消費が非常に大きく、CPU の発熱も大きくなり冷却のファンが唸ってしまいます。そこで、極力 Mac OS 側だけで業務をやってみるようにしました。VPN 接続、Safari の環境設定などを終えて、今日は Windows を起動していません。最近は Cloud 環境を使った Web ベースの情報交換となっていることもこれを可能にしてくれています。

When I work for a company, I’m really absorbed in the Windows environment. Since I use an Apple Mac at home, I have installed an application called Parallels that virtually runs Windows and switched between Mac OS and Windows to work. However, when online conferences are performed from Parallels using Windows applications, especially Teams, power consumption is extremely high, CPU heat also increases, and the cooling fan growls. Therefore, I tried to work only on the Mac OS side. I haven’t started Windows today after completing the VPN connection, Safari preferences, etc. The recent exchange of Web based information using the Cloud environment has made this possible.

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やっと梅雨明け / Rainy season is now over


It seems that it was 11 days later than the average year, and today the rainy season has finally ended in this area. It’s been raining for a long time, so I’m really happy during the fine weather today. The cicadas began to sing like they have been waiting this time, and the summer came now. On the other hand, while the number of newly infected people in Tokyo have been increasing, it will be requested again from next week to shorten the business hours of restaurants. Every day, every time I hear the news that many people are infected, I get worried. I will not travel this summer anyhow. Let’s spend time as close to home as possible.

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東京の感染者数 / Number of infected population in Tokyo

昨日時点で私が住む東京における新型コロナウィルスの感染者数が 10,000 人を超えました。東京の人口は 930万人ですから実に 1,000 人に一人の割合になります。検査対象者の人数が増えていることもあるのでしょうが、確実に感染は広がっています。ワクチンや薬の開発は進んでいるものの、まだ時間がかかるようです。このまま、感染せずに生活できるように気を付ける必要があります。日本はこの週末 4 連休で、旅行する人も多いようです。安全、安心な生活を望んでやみません。

As of yesterday, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo, where I live, has exceeded 10,000. The population of Tokyo is 9.3 million, so that’s one out of every 1,000 people. The number of people to be tested may be increasing, but the infection is definitely spreading. Development of vaccines and drugs is in progress, but it seems that it still takes time. We need to be careful so that we can live without being infected. It seems that many people travel in Japan on four days this weekend. I just want to live a safe and secure life.

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蜘蛛の巣 / Spider’s net


It has been raining every day since the beginning of this month, but today I was able to see the clear sky after a long time. I feel better when the sky is blue. An early morning walk is also pleasant. The rainy season has been prolonged for a long time, unlike any other year. The forecast says that it will continue until the end of the month, but I hope that it will be a clear summer sky quickly. When I returned from my walk and cared for the garden, I found a spider net with an interesting pattern. It catches my eye. Is this also a device to catch insects?

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春日局 / Kasugano Tubone

最近、文京区本郷に新しい業務で来ています。昼食で歩いていたらこの像を見かけました。歴史のことは弱い私です。ネットから調べてみると、とても政治に影響力を与えた人物であったことを知りました。若くして後の将軍の乳母となり、家康に直訴し家光が徳川三代将軍になる影響力を持ったそうです。また天皇に拝謁(面会)することも実現した人物、65 歳という若さで亡くなっています。この像は春日局が埋葬されたこのお寺の前にあります。

Recently, I’m coming to Hongo, Bunkyo-ku for a new job. I saw this statue when I was walking for lunch. History is a weak me. When I looked it up online, I learned that she was a person who had a great influence on politics. She became a nanny of a later general at a young age, and appealed to Ieyasu and had the influence that Iemitsu became the third general of Tokugawa. She had died at the young age of 65, a person who was able to meet with the Emperor. This statue is in front of this temple where Kasugano Tsubone was buried.

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残念なこと / Unfortunate thing


The restaurant here we enjoyed delicious Japanese food for a long time has closed. My wife and I loved here. I enjoyed talking with everyone in the family as well as the food. “Why?” I started to say, but I think it’s because of the coronavirus. I think that the restaurants doing business are spending a tough time now like this. We can’t go back to old life style anymore, but I felt that the measures to support them are important.

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記録的豪雨 / Heavy rain record


It is another season to hear the word “record” this year again. The heavy rain that occurred from the low pressure that hit the Kyushu region caused damage that was not recorded in the past. It seems that the records are updated every year. It is certain that climate change is increasing year by year. I pray that the damage will not spread anymore at this time of the rainy season.

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梅雨の季節 / Rainy days


During this time, it is humid and unpleasant. However, the summer food has become popular, and the fun is expanding. Corn has become sweeter. Edamame, which goes well with beer, is also boiled fluffy and delicious. Today, it is predicted that heavy rain will occur due to the passage of low pressure. Let’s endure working from home, refraining from going out, and uncomfortable environment for a while.

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ネットワーク環境 / Network at home

メッシュ WiFi という機能が個人の宅内でも利用できるような機器が増えてきました。これまでは自宅の一階と二階に別々の SSID でカバーしてきましたが、移動する都度、接続を変更してやる必要があり不便に感じていました。そこで、この自宅勤務が続く中、機材の交換を行いました。ASUS 社から発売されている RT-AX92U を 2 台、通信販売で購入、設定をしてみました。2 台でメッシュ WiFi 機能を作り、自宅のほぼ全域を同じ SSID でカバーしてくれます。大元のルーターはそのままなので、RT-AX92U はアクセスポイントモードです。この設定でもメッシュを実現してくれるので助かります。これでまた数年はこの環境でネットワークを楽しむことができます。写真左がこれまで一階で使っていた RT-AC3200、右が今回設置した RT-AX92U。

There is an increasing number of devices that can use the function called mesh WiFi even at home. Until now, I used to cover the first floor and second floor of my house with different SSIDs, but I felt inconvenient because I had to change the connection each time I moved. So, while I was working from home, I replaced the equipment. I purchased and set up two RT-AX92Us sold by ASUS via mail order. Two devices make a mesh WiFi function and cover almost the entire home with the same SSID. The RT-AX92U is in access point mode because the original router remains the same. Even with this setting, it will be helpful because it will realize a mesh. Now we can enjoy network in this environment for several years again. The picture in left is the unit I have been using RT-AC3200.

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河口湖 / Lake Kawaguchi


Since we are now allowed to move to other prefectures, I drove to the neighboring Yamanashi prefecture and came to see the lavender of Lake Kawaguchi. It seemed a little early, but I was able to enjoy many flowers. It was a weekday, but there were many cars from other prefectures. Everyone seems to be enjoying the move. I was able to spend time leisurely during the rainy season.

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