From today, the emergency has been lifted all over Japan. Some people have said that it’s still early, or just right, but I think it’s great to see economic activity recover. From now on, it is necessary to live carefully while keeping the risk of infection. And today, the government has distributed cloth masks to my home. It was a day when I got a disposable mask from my old friend, complicated feeling that I felt today.

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外出自粛、自宅勤務の環境になって 2 ヶ月が経過しようとしています。消費金額が激減し、経済活動も低迷しています。政府は今夜にでも緊急事態宣言が解除する方向ですが、この間に経験した生活様式の変化がこれからもある程度継続されることになります。自宅で仕事をしても業務が進むことが分かり、広い事務所を必要としなくなった会社もあるようです。オンラインで入社面接を受けるようなことも可能となりました。新型コロナウイルスがもたらした影響は甚大ですが、この期間に得た経験を新たな生活のスタイルに適応できることが分かったことは良いことだと思います。

It’s been almost two months since I’ve been stay at home and working at home. The amount of consumption has decreased sharply, and economic activity has been sluggish. The government will lift the declaration of emergency this evening, but the lifestyle changes experienced during this period will continue to some extent. It seems that some companies no longer need a large office because they know that their work will progress even if they work from home. It is now possible to have a job interview online. The impact of the new coronavirus is enormous, but I think it’s good to know that the experience gained during this period can be adapted to new lifestyles.

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手作りマスク / Handmade mask


My wife made a mask using the hand towel I received at an event a few years ago, at the company where I was working. This is the result of talking about this as a mask because the illustration was interesting at a company that handles medical equipment. Although it can not be worn in the city, I will use it because it has topicality within the company. I also like this mask when I put it on a cedar board that I made at DIY, and it gives a slightly woody scent.

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緊急事態宣言解除-1 / Lifting up state of emergency-1


Yesterday, the state of emergency was lifted in Japan except in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Hokkaido. The number of new infections is decreasing. I am pleased that economic activity will gradually begin. However, on the other hand, I fear that the risk of infection increases. The real fear is that if I get infected, will be scared. The reason for this is that there is no medicine, and if I become infected, I shall be hospitalized and quarantined. Even if I leave my pet dog in the hospital, there may not be a place to take care of my pet from such a family. At the same time as I am pleased with the recovery of economic activity, I will continue to live a cramped life where we continues to defend myself.

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木工細工 3 / Woodwork 3

自宅勤務だと夕方から一仕事できます。今週は昨日、今日で簡単なベンチを作ってみました。1 x 4 の SPF 材は安価です。3.6m の板を 3 枚買っても 1,000 円でお釣りがきます。それをホームセンターで切断してもらって帰宅、後は工作していきます。35° の角度で切断していきますので、気をつけて揃える必要があります。座面の止めネジ部は丸棒で隠してみました。最後に塗装とサンダーで座面を磨いて完成です。早速庭に置いてみました。

Since I work at home, I still have time after work until the evening. This week I made a simple bench yesterday and today. 1 x 4 SPF material is inexpensive. Buy 3 of 3.6m boards and costs less than 1,000 yen for sure. These cut off at a home center and back to home. I needed cut at an angle of 35 °, so it is necessary to be careful and align it. I tried to hide the set screw part of the seat surface with a round wood bar. Finally, paint and sander to polish the seating surface. I put it in the garden immediately.

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うぐいす / Uguisu


It has been days that I shall stay home and working at home. As usual, I wake up early in the morning. I don’t have to go to work, so I take a walk early in the morning. Uguisu makes a beautiful voice at this time. It’s sunny this morning, and young green leaves are nice in the blue sky. I like the voice of Uguisu I hear here. Seeing the flowers along the way and returning home, it’s every day for breakfast.

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5 月の満月 / Flower moon

The Old Farmer’s Almanacによると、フラワームーンと呼び始めたのはアルゴンキン族で、シンプルに花が咲き誇る時期だからだそうです。今夜、我が家のベランダから撮影してみました。やや東側、南の低い位置に見ることができました。快晴の空、今日は湿度も低くとても綺麗に見ることができました。コロナウイルスも綺麗さっぱり、といきたいものです。

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it was the Algonquin tribe that began to call Flower Moon because it was a period of simple flowering. I took a picture tonight on my balcony. I could see it in the lower part of the south and the east side. It was a clear sky, and today the humidity was low and I could see it very beautifully. I also want to get clean coronavirus completely.

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非常事態延長 / Emergency situation extension


Yesterday, the government decided to extend the declaration of emergency until the end of this month and was reported to the public. My life has changed completely due to the declaration issued on April 7. Since it is required to avoid going out and crowding, the chances of meeting people have dramatically decreased. Looking at the trend of the number of infected people in a graph, the peak is not yet visible. It seems that the status of emergency will be reviewed in the situation after two weeks. It is said that we cannot go back to the way used to be. This will change into an opportunity. I’ll start with what I can do.

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木工細工 2 / Woodwork 2


I decided to make a shelf to store pet goods for the purpose of completing it during the golden week holidays. Yesterday and today, I’ve done so far 70%. After all, the help of tools such as clamps and trimmers is great. The angle comes out properly and does not rattle. I will finish this during the rest of the this holidays. It is the utilization of time at home.

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木工細工 / Woodwork

日本は祝日の 1 日でした。先日購入した木材を加工して小さな整理箱を完成させました。つなぎ部は 6mm 径の丸棒を使ってみました。杉材は加工がしやすいのですが、柔らかいために作業中に傷を付けてしまいます。全体をヤスリで磨き上げれば出来上がりとなります。まずまずの出来栄えに妻は合格点をくれました。

Japan was a national holiday today. I processed the wood I bought the other day and completed a small organizing box. I used a round bar with a diameter of 6 mm for the connecting part. Although cedar wood is easy to process, it is scratched during work because it is soft. I will polish the whole with a file, it will be completed. My wife gave me a passing score for my decent work.

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