快晴の週末 / Very fine weather

何週間ぶりでしょうか、青空が澄み渡った日曜となりました。湿度も少なく、とても過ごしやすいので、妻と出かけました。テラスのあるレストランは木漏れ日の下で食事をすることができて爽快でした。しばらくこの天気が続くようなことを天気予報では言っています。そして 10 月も終わり、今年もあと 2 ヶ月となります。コロナで開けてコロナで終わる、そんな年になってしまいましたが、残り少ない 2020 年、Enjoy Life でいきましょう。

It was Sunday today with the blue sky was clear for the first time in past weeks. The humidity was low and it was very comfortable to spend, so I went out with my wife. The restaurant with terrace was refreshing to be able to dine under the sunlight through the trees. The weather forecast says that this weather will continue for a while. And October is over, and this year is another two months left. It’s been a year of opening in the corona and ending in the corona, but let’s go to Enjoy Life in 2020, when there are only a few left.

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軽井沢へ / Trip to Karuizawa

紅葉が始まったばかりの軽井沢を訪れました。今回は高速を松井田妙義で降りて国道 18 号線を使い碓井峠のカーブを楽しんでみました。途中、めがね橋で一休み。橋の上まで登ってみることもできて楽しいひと時でした。今では廃線になっていますが、昔、何度もここを夜行列車で通ったものです。母の実家が富山でしたから、上野から富山まで信越線を使うルートが唯一でした。勾配のきついこの辺りはアプト式という線路の間にあるギアを使い特殊な機関車で登っていきます。眠りの中、ガタンゴトンという音が心地良かった昔を思い出しました。今は新幹線が整備され、富山は日帰りができるようになってしまいました。

I tripped to Karuizawa this week, where the autumn leaves have just begun. This time, I got off the highway at Matsuida-Myogi and enjoyed the curve of Usui Pass using Route 18. On the way, take a rest at Megane Bridge. It was a fun time to climb up to the top of the bridge. It is now discontinued, but I used to go there many times by night train. Since my mother’s parents’ house was Toyama, the only route from Ueno to Toyama was to use the Shin-Etsu line. This area with a steep slope is climbed by a special locomotive using gears between the tracks called Apt type. I remembered the old days when the rattling noise was comfortable in my sleep. Now that the Shinkansen has been operated, Toyama can now make a day trip.

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Go To で経済復活 / Economic revival with “Go To”

日本は今、Go To キャンペーンで賑わい始めている。Go To トラベル、Go To イート、Go To イベントと、政府が補助金を用意し、キャンペーンに参加することで恩恵が得られる仕組みである。ニュースでは観光地を訪れる人が増えていて、このキャンペーンの効果が出ているのは明らかである。一方で新型コロナウイルスの新規感染者数は減りもせず急に増加することもなく推移している。経済の落ち込みで影響を受けた人も多く、早く経済の復活をのぞむところである。人は皆マスクを着けていて、ソーシャルディスタンスも守られてくるようになった。ニューノーマルの生活となりすっかり変わってしまった。特効薬の登場を期待している。

Japan is now beginning to flourish with the Go To campaign. Go To Travel, Go To Eat, Go To Events, and how the government can benefit from subsidies and participation in campaigns. In the news, more and more tourists are visiting tourist destinations, and it is clear that this campaign is working. On the other hand, the number of new infections with the new coronavirus has not decreased or suddenly increased. Many people have been affected by the economic downturn, and we are hoping for an early economic revival. Everyone is wearing masks and their social distance is being kept. It has changed completely to a new normal life. We are expecting the appearance of a sovereign remedy.

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スマホはゲーム機 / Game Machine


I started to enjoy games after having a smartphone. This is interesting when I continue. The trouble is that it cannot be stopped. It shows how many days I have been in a row, so I just keep everyday. According to one theory, it is also good for preventing dementia. Well, let me continue for a while. But will Pokemon take a little rest when it reaches the highest level 40?

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スマート時計 / Smart Watch

Apple から最近発売された Apple Watch を購入してみた。小さな画面に時計の文字盤が映し出される。文字盤のデザインも思いのまま。そして色々な機能が盛り込まれていて小さな小さなコンピューターである。時々、深呼吸をしろ、立ち上がれ、などと言ってくる。何を根拠に言ってくるのだろうか、不思議である。きっと今風の AI 技術も入っていて、なるほどと思わせるから面白い。そして、交通系の電子マネーも入れられるので、改札もこれで通過することが可能である。ただし、腕を裏返しにしなければならないので滑稽である。さて、これらの電子機器に取り囲まれて暮らしてみるか。

I bought a recently released Apple Watch from Apple. The clock face is projected on a small screen. The design of the dial is as you like. And it’s a small computer with various functions. From time to time, it asks me to take a deep breath and get up. I wonder what the reason is. I’m sure it has modern AI technology, and it makes me think so, so it’s interesting. And since electronic money for transportation can be put in, it is possible to pass through the ticket gate. However, it is ridiculous because the arm must be turned inside out. Now, why don’t I try living surrounded by these electronic devices?

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南極昭和基地との交信 / Communicated with Showa Station in South Pole


I restarted amateur radio and had my first experience today. I heard a voice from Showa Station, Antarctica, so I communicated with him. I couldn’t communicate with Antarctica because I had only high frequency experience before, but I was able to speak in a very clear voice with the technology using the Internet. It is using a satellite communication line from Antarctica, and I’ve been listening for a few hours, but I’ve been having conversations with Japanese people from beginning to end.

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コロナ禍での旅行 / Trip with COVID-19 situation

コロナの問題が発生してから旅行を控えていました。旅をする人、その人を受け入れる宿の人もやり方がわかってきて少し安心しています。東京に住む私たちは地方にいくことを遠慮していたのも事実です。政府が始めた Go To キャンペーンもありますが、経済を少しでも良くすることには協力をしたいと思います。温泉に入り、秋を感じることができました。これを機会に少しずつまた旅をしてみたいと思います。

I have been refraining from traveling since the corona problem occurred. People who travel and those who accept them are also a little relieved to know how to do it. It is also true that we, who live in Tokyo, refrained from going to rural areas. There is also a Go To campaign started by the government, but I would like to cooperate in improving the economy as much as possible. I went to a hot spring and could feel autumn. I would like to take this opportunity to travel again little by little.

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家の保守 / Home maintenance

この家を建ててから 20 年が経過しました。これまでに定期的に保守をしてきています。大きな規模では外壁の再塗装があります。そして今日は窓ガラスにフィルムを貼る施工をしていただきました。最近はフィルムの種類が多くできていて選ぶのも大変でしたが、施工会社の担当者に説明していただき、紫外線対策と破損防止を兼ねた製品にしました。雨戸が無い家ですから強風の時は飛散物による被害が心配です。年々大型化する台風が来る度に心配ですが、保険の目的で施工しました。これからも家を大切にして長く住み続けたいと思います。

It’s been 20 years since I built this house. I have been performing regular maintenance so far. On a large scale there is a repainting of the exterior walls. And today, I had put a film on the window glass. Recently, there are many types of film, and it was difficult to select one, but I asked the person in charge of the construction company to explain it, and made it a product that has both UV protection and damage prevention. Since it is a house without shutters, we are worried about damage caused by scattered objects in strong winds. I’m worried about every typhoon that gets bigger year by year, but I installed it for insurance purposes. I would like to continue to cherish my home and continue to live for a long time.

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敬老の日 / Respect for the aged day

日本は今日、「敬老の日」祝日です。朝刊の一コマを読んでいて、自分もこの年代に入ったことを実感しています。まだ 70 歳にはもう少しありますが、きっとすぐに訪れることでしょう。コロナ禍で思うことは健康の大切さです。呼吸器系に疾患を持ちやすい身体なので気を付けたいと思います。日本は今日、明日と休日で週末と合わせて 4 連休となりました。5 月の連休は途絶えていた人の動きが一気に始まって、観光地は賑わいを取り返しているようです。我々夫婦は近くの商店街へ買い物に行くだけにしておきます。

Japan is today a “Respect for the Aged Day” holiday. Reading a frame in the morning edition, I realize that I have entered this age group. I’m still not 70 years old yet, but I’m sure I’ll be there soon. What I think about COVID-19 is the importance of good health. I would like to be careful because my body is prone to respiratory diseases. Today and tomorrow are national holidays, Japan has four days weekends (called Silver-Week) now. It seems that the tourist spots are regaining their vibrancy as the movement of people who had stopped during the Golden-Week holidays in May. Wife and I just go shopping in the nearby shopping district.

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河口湖までドライブ / Time at Lake Kawaguchi


I drove to Lake Kawaguchi today while suppressing my desire to go on a trip. Today, the last summer day of the season, it was hot and humid and the sunlight was strong. Unfortunately, the summit of Mt. Fuji was covered with thick clouds. A strange cloud swirled beside it, which was a little creepy. Summer is over. It seems that the temperature will drop from this weekend.

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