春の風 / Spring is coming


It was a windy weekend, but I feel somehow spring. And this is the pollen season again. Pollen seems to scatter a lot at dawn, and if I take a walk at that time, it will sneeze and will not stop. The plum is at its best. A red post has been opened in the nearby park. E-mail usage is increasing, but I am happy to have a post nearby.

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偶然の出会い / Steam Locomotive


This morning, I happened to see a steam locomotive on my way to a company factory in Miyagi Prefecture. It was stopped at Omiya Station, but it was always exciting.

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ネットワークのお引っ越し / Moving Network Inflastructure

ビッグローブからソフトバンクへの引っ越しをしました。理由は携帯(スマホ)と同じ会社にして割引きを、と考えたためです。ipv6 の接続も即日引っ越しすることができて、通信の速度は同等となりました。ただ、ソフトバンクは無線機能を組み込んだルーターをレンタルすることになっていて、それを接続してみました。そのルーターの機能が少し劣るために外部から宅内への接続がうまくできませんでした。ソフトバンクに問い合わせて従来のルーターを活用して問題は解決しました。送りつけられたレンタルルーターを来月は返却処理したいと思います。

I moved the ISP from Biglobe to Softbank. The reason is that I thought of discounts at the same company as mobile phones (smartphones). The connection of ipv6 can be moved on the same day, and the communication speed is the same. However, SoftBank is renting a router with a built-in wireless function, and I connected it. The connection from the outside to the house could not be made well because the router function was a little inferior. The problem was solved by contacting SoftBank and using a conventional router. I will return the sent rental router next month.

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ストーブ掃除 / Daily Cleaning


Cleaning is required the next morning after the wood stove is used. Clear the ash and clean the soggy cloudy glass. Last night, there was a child on fire until morning because a little bigger wood was inserted. Finding a fire buried in the ash can be a little fun. Now for the glass, I polish with this ash on a rag. Once I know how to do this, I don’t need a polishing agent. It’s warm during the day, but I can still be wrapped in the warmth of a wood stove tonight.

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車の点検 / Check my car

先日、高速道路を走行中に異音と衝撃を感じました。何か路面にあった物を踏んだのかも知れません。幸い車体の周囲から確認できる傷はありませんでした。自分では見ることができない車体の底、今日、ガレージで見せていただきました。メカニックと一緒に確認したのですが、何もありませんでした。まずは安心です。BMW は車体の底を平面に保つ設計になっていることも確認できました。

The other day, while driving on the highway, I felt noise and shock. I might have stepped on something that was on the road. Fortunately there were no visible scratches around the vehicle. The bottom of the body, which I can’t see by myself, was shown in the garage today. I checked with the mechanic, but there was nothing. At first it is safe. BMW was also found to be designed to keep the bottom of the car body flat.

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投薬人生 / Dosage life

コレステロールと尿酸値の値が高い私です。これは最近始まったことではなく、おそらく成人になってから長いことこのような状態です。これまでに食事制限をしてみたり、飲水を多くしたりしましたが良い結果を得られずにいました。コレステロールについて投薬を2ヶ月続けたところ正常値に入り、尿酸値についても投薬を始めることにしました。今朝、主治医の KH 女医との相談した結果です。これから10年後のことを考えると心筋梗塞などのリスクを今から減らしておくことが大切だと教えられました。さぁ、これから毎日薬を飲む生活が始まります。本当は食事や生活習慣で治すべきなのでしょうが、薬に頼ることにします。今は良い薬もあるようで、副作用が少ないことを祈ります。

I have high cholesterol and uric acid levels. This is not something that has recently begun, and it has probably been like this for a long time since adulthood. I have tried to restrict my diet and drink more water, but have not been able to get good results. After two months of medication for cholesterol, it returned to normal and decided to start medication for uric acid. This morning, I consulted with my doctor, KH, female doctor. I was told that it is important to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and so on, considering 10 years from now. Now, the daily life of taking medicine starts. Actually, it should be cured by diet and lifestyle, but I will rely on medicine. I hope there are some good medicines now and I hope there are few side effects.

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日向ぼっこ / Light of the sun


This winter, warm days continue and I am saved. It seems that the strength of the Pacific High is warmer than usual. In the daytime, lovely Kurumi seems to be warm in search of the sunshine falling from the windows. I heard that the coronavirus, which has spread around the world since last month, likes cold. Hope it warms up quickly and the infection subsides.

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薪作業 / Firewood work


Looking at the chimney of the house, a landscaping person called out. He said that he would call out when the felled trees came out, and he brought them yesterday as the felling took place. Unfortunately, it seems to have been a withered Kashiwa tree and half is rotten. The usable parts were cut off with a chainsaw and arranged. Yesterday and today, working with chainsaw and ax, exhaustion. It was a good opportunity to sweat a good weekend.

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河原にて / Walking at the river side


We took a walk on a nearby river side for the purpose of walking Kurumi. It is a cold weekend without sunlight. There is a promenade in the riverside where dogs can walk with confidence. A big carp was swimming. And I am lucky to see kingfishers and herons. I forgot that time had passed when I saw them looking for small fish.

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インクとの相性 / Compatibility

私は必ずノートを持ってメモをとるようにしている。会議の時、人との話し合いの場など、書き留めておくことを習慣としている。ノートは A5 版の大きさを使い、見開きでコピー機にかければちょうど A4 用紙が使えて便利である。話をしながら、説明する時も、言葉だけで無く、ちょっとした図があると意思疎通が良くなる。ノートは A5 版だとある程度選択の幅が広がる、私はコクヨの Canpus シリーズを愛用している。さて、ペンであるが、長いこと愛用してきたパーカーの万年筆からモンブランに交替しようと考えた。理由は無いが、気分転換が目的である。しかし、このモンブランのインクとコクヨの紙の相性が非常に悪く、インクが弾かれてしまう。これまでの万年筆が忘れないで欲しいと言っているようで、今しばらく愛用を続けよう。結果、 2 本の万年筆を持ち歩く羽目となった。

I always take notes with my notebook. It is customary to write down places such as meetings with people during meetings. Notebooks use the size of the A5 size, and if I am facing a copier with a two-page spread, I can use A4 paper just for convenience. When talking and explaining, not only words but also a little figure will make communication easier. The A5 version gives me some choice, and I love KOKUYO’s Campus series. By the way, I decided to replace the pen with a fountain pen from Parker, which I have been using for a long time. There is no reason, but the purpose is to change. However, the compatibility between the Montblanc ink and KOKUYO paper is very poor, and the ink is repelled. It seems that the pen wants Parker fountain pen to remember, so let’s continue to use it for a while. As a result, I have to carry two fountain pens.

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