新聞の記事 / From the newspaper


In a newspaper article, I learned that infected people were occurring in the city where I live. I live in Tokyo. The number of new infections continues to increase and is reported daily. A special feature page was set up from this morning’s space, and I was able to read the current situation in the world. I hope that in the future, the day when I read this article and remember, “I’ve had something like this” will come soon.

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外出自粛 / Self-restraint


This weekend, Tokyo was instructed to refrain from going out to prevent the outbreak of new pneumonia. At the nearby shopping center we visited during the day, there were few people, and the food court, which usually had trouble finding empty seats, was also quiet. Starbucks is also closed in Tokyo. On Saturday, however, it was reported that there were more infected people in Tokyo than yesterday. Life is likely to change significantly with the coronavirus.

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旧軽井沢 / Kyu-Karuizawa


Today, when it became warmer than yesterday, we strolled through the streets of Kyukaruizawa. We enjoyed shopping, spending time in cafes, and spending time with my dog ​Kurumi. However, there were few people, and the owner of the shoe store complained that there was no choice but to spare.

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軽井沢 / Karuizawa

まだコロナウイルスの感染が騒がれる前にこの旅行を計画していました。車での移動ですし、宿も感染に対する注意を十分にしているとのことから決行、昨日から軽井沢に来ています。良い天気に恵まれ、暖かい日となっています。初めて来た宿は犬と泊まることができるレジーナリゾートです。軽井沢には 2 箇所あるようですが、今回は御影用水の辺りにある施設を利用させていただいています。全館、ペットと一緒に過ごせるようになっていて我々にとっても快適に時間を持つことができます。

We were still planning this trip before the Coronavirus outbreak stormed. We are traveling by car, and the inn has been paying close attention to infection, so we decided to go to Karuizawa yesterday. Blessed with good weather, it is a warm day. It is the first time to be this place is the Regina resort where we can stay with dogs. There seem to be two places in Karuizawa, but this time we are using facilities near Mikage Imizu. The whole building is designed to allow us to spend time with pets so that we can have a comfortable time.

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顧客窓口 / Customer Support

雑貨店で購入した Clip という商品、片手で布巾を引っ掛けられて、引っ張れば直ぐに使えるといったアイディア商品です。早速、使ってみようと思い、シールの保護紙を剥がそうとしたのですが、破れてしまいました。粘着テープの強度が強いのか、私の加齢が原因かわかりません。結局、シールまで剥がれてきそうで諦めました。メーカーの問い合わせ窓口に状況をお知らせしたところ、交換用のシールを送ってくれました。感謝です。剥がしたシールを返送して、今後の商品品質改善に役立てていただこうと思います。

This is a product called Clip purchased at a general store that can be used immediately by pulling the cloth with one hand. I immediately tried to use it and tried to peel off the protective paper on the sticker, but it was torn. I do not know if the strength of the adhesive tape is strong or my aging is the cause. Eventually, the seal seemed to come off and gave up. When I notified the manufacturer’s customer support about the situation, they sent me a replacement seal. Thanks. I would like to return the peeled seal to help improve product quality in the future.

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庭の花々 / Flowers at garden


The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom, and the flowers in our garden have also bloomed beautifully. Daffodils, Christmas roses and muscari have bulbs planted in the usual places. Wife bought flowers at a nearby horticultural store, and the plants were beautifully planted. The winter, which is warmer than usual, is over and warm days will follow. However, the spread of the new type of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus has not diminished. It has a huge impact on the economy. I hope to return to normal as soon as possible.

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桜の開花宣言 / Blossom declaration


Today, Tokyo is the earliest declaration of flowering in record history. In addition, it is the area where the kind of cherry blossom called Somei Yoshino flowered in Japan. However, the rain from the morning turned into a sleet shortly after noon, and the snow in my garden was thin. It was a cold day.

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桜の季節 / Cherry blossoms

東京の桜の開花宣言が今日にも出ようとしています。寒暖の差が大きな日々が続いています。今日は 20℃近くまでなりましたが、明日はまた冷たい雨になるという予報です。世間はコロナウィルスの感染拡大を防ぐために活動が低下しています。旅行する人が激減し、飛行機や鉄道までもが減便になるという騒ぎです。経済への影響も大きく、株価が暴落しています。年金の支給に影響が出ないことを祈っていますが、どうなることか、早くおちついて欲しいです。感染しない、努力を続けます。

The declaration of the blossoming of Tokyo’s cherry blossoms is about to come out today. The days when the temperature difference is large continue. Today it is close to 20 degrees Celsius, but it is forecast that tomorrow will be cold again. The public is declining to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The number of travelers is drastically reduced, and flights and trains are also reduced. The impact on the economy is significant, and stock prices have plummeted. I pray that there will be no impact on the payment of pensions, but I want to see what happens next. Don’t get infected, keep trying.

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物不足 / Shortage


The state of the city has changed drastically since the heart coronavirus infection problem occurred. Schools were closed to protect the children by avoiding crowds. Sports are also conducted without audience. I watched TV sumo wrestlers fighting in a quiet place, even the sumo spring tournament that started today. It is said that you will be cheerful if you support us, but it is strange. And there is a mask that cannot be bought. It is said that resale is prohibited, but I was forced to purchase it through the Internet. It is far from normal price. I’m surprised that toilet paper disappears from the sales floor and people take action by rumors.

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スマートフォン置き場 / Holder for the device

車を運転しながらスマホのナビゲーションに頼ることが多くなりました。搭載されているナビゲーションもあるのですが、地図情報が古くなってしまいます。スマホならば比較的新しい情報を活用することが可能です。近い将来、きっとそんな機能が搭載される車ができてくることでしょう。ひょっとしてもうあるのかも知れません。自動車用品店でスマホのホルダーを探したのですが、どれもしっくりきません。そこでエアコンの吹き出し口に取り付けるタイプを分解して取り付けてみました。パネルに M6 ネジを通す穴を開ける必要がありましたが、これで快適に地図情報を見ることができます。

I often rely on smartphone navigation while driving a car. My car has the navigation, but the map information is outdated. Smartphones can make use of relatively new information. In the near future, there will be cars with such features. Maybe it already exists. I searched for a smartphone holder at an auto supply store, but none of them worked. So I tried to disassemble the type attached to the outlet of the air conditioner. I had to drill holes for M6 screws in the panel, but now I can see the map information comfortably.

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