梅雨の季節 / Rainy days


During this time, it is humid and unpleasant. However, the summer food has become popular, and the fun is expanding. Corn has become sweeter. Edamame, which goes well with beer, is also boiled fluffy and delicious. Today, it is predicted that heavy rain will occur due to the passage of low pressure. Let’s endure working from home, refraining from going out, and uncomfortable environment for a while.

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ネットワーク環境 / Network at home

メッシュ WiFi という機能が個人の宅内でも利用できるような機器が増えてきました。これまでは自宅の一階と二階に別々の SSID でカバーしてきましたが、移動する都度、接続を変更してやる必要があり不便に感じていました。そこで、この自宅勤務が続く中、機材の交換を行いました。ASUS 社から発売されている RT-AX92U を 2 台、通信販売で購入、設定をしてみました。2 台でメッシュ WiFi 機能を作り、自宅のほぼ全域を同じ SSID でカバーしてくれます。大元のルーターはそのままなので、RT-AX92U はアクセスポイントモードです。この設定でもメッシュを実現してくれるので助かります。これでまた数年はこの環境でネットワークを楽しむことができます。写真左がこれまで一階で使っていた RT-AC3200、右が今回設置した RT-AX92U。

There is an increasing number of devices that can use the function called mesh WiFi even at home. Until now, I used to cover the first floor and second floor of my house with different SSIDs, but I felt inconvenient because I had to change the connection each time I moved. So, while I was working from home, I replaced the equipment. I purchased and set up two RT-AX92Us sold by ASUS via mail order. Two devices make a mesh WiFi function and cover almost the entire home with the same SSID. The RT-AX92U is in access point mode because the original router remains the same. Even with this setting, it will be helpful because it will realize a mesh. Now we can enjoy network in this environment for several years again. The picture in left is the unit I have been using RT-AC3200.

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河口湖 / Lake Kawaguchi


Since we are now allowed to move to other prefectures, I drove to the neighboring Yamanashi prefecture and came to see the lavender of Lake Kawaguchi. It seemed a little early, but I was able to enjoy many flowers. It was a weekday, but there were many cars from other prefectures. Everyone seems to be enjoying the move. I was able to spend time leisurely during the rainy season.

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梅雨の晴れ間 / Sunshine in the morning


I took a walk in the early morning and went to a nearby shrine. I had a very pleasant time this morning because of the fine weather from the morning. At this time when the hydrangea is beautiful, it feels good to walk along the river.

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花台 / Flower stand

外出自粛の期間に時間を見つけては木材で何かを作り続けています。今回は花台です。前回のベンチと同様、1×4 材をベースにしています。花台は水やりを頻繁に行うので防水加工を念入りにしています。組み立てる前に全ての木材を塗装し、接続部からの腐食を防いだつもりです。妻は花も新しくしようと明日は園芸店に行ってくるようです。

During the period of self-control, I find time to continue making something using of wood. This time is the flower stand. Like the previous bench, it’s based on 1×4 wood. The flower stand is watered frequently, so I am careful about waterproofing. I painted all the wood before assembly to prevent corrosion from the connections. My wife seems to go to the garden store tomorrow to try new flowers.

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睡蓮の花 / Water lily


The bud had been grow in the water for a few days, now it bloomed this morning. It is nice to enjoy the water lily flower. But I couldn’t do well, and it was a year that I ended up with only the one. I’m looking forward to new buds coming out this year, and I’ll look forward to them.

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梅雨 / Rainy season


The rainy season has entered this year as well, and the days of high humidity continue. There are four seasons, so I can feel the seasons and enjoy various flowers and ingredients, but in the rainy season, the discomfort index is high and it is spicy. It seems that the rainy season has opened in Okinawa today. I’ll be patient for the next few weeks. My dog ​​Kurumi seem spicy and he is almost asleep.

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誕生日に思う / My birthday


Born on June 10, 1954, I am 66 today. It has been a sunny day this morning. I enjoyed a walk in the early morning and remembered what I had done so far. When I was in elementary school, I was crossed the road and hit by a motorcycle that was running in the shadow of a car. I don’t remember how high I flew into the air, but it seems that I landed well. Only the embarrassment filled the brain after the biker worried. During the time in the US, I was driving down a country road and fell asleep. I plunged into the fields of farmers at a considerable speed. Fortunately, my seat belt and airbag helped me, but the car wrecked. It was a considerable expense. Those about two times that I was about to lose my life. Fortunately, I have lived for 66 years and am doing well. My parents have already passed away, but I would like to continue thinking about my parents and spending my time with my lovely family. Let’s relax while listening to Takuro Yoshida’s album today.

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天窓 / Skylight


The water lilies that have divided the stock are healthy and have many leaves. I couldn’t see the goldfish inside, so I made a skylight for them. If I go nearby, they can look out me through the skylight and ask for food. It seems to be good because the water lily stock is also exposed to the sun. There are no flower buds yet, but I am looking forward to seeing how many flowers can be enjoyed this year.

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スマホ / Smart Phone

スマートフォンが 2007 年に発売されてからまだ 13年しか経過していません。携帯電話として、電話を持ち運べるようになったのは 1960年代と文献で検索できます。半世紀かけて小型化、省電力化が進み、今は電話というよりも持ち運べるコンピューターと言えるまで発達しました。スマホを無くしたら生活できないと言う人までいるようです。そんな中、今日の朝刊でシンガポールのことが記載されていました。コロナウィルスの感染リスクもスマホで監視、管理できるようになり、スマホが通行のパスになるようです。こうなると本当にスマホが無いと生活できない、そんな気もします。

Only 13 years have passed since the smartphone was launched in 2007. As a mobile phone, we can carry the phone around in the 1960s and in the literature. Over the last half-century, miniaturization and power saving have progressed, and it is now more like a computer instead of just a phone. Some people say they can’t live without their smartphones. Meanwhile, Singapore was mentioned in today’s morning edition. The risk of coronavirus infection can now be monitored and managed on a smartphone, and it seems that the smartphone becomes a pass. In that case, I feel like I can’t live without a smartphone.

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